Realize the benefits of your hard work.

Protecting Innovation

Investing time or money in new technology can be a risk. When you create something innovative, you need advice on how to safeguard it from copyists. We partner with you to protect your invention, spot potential infringers, and propel your success.

Freedom to Operate

Introducing your new products and services to market brings the risk of infringing someone else’s patent rights. We can work with you to identify and analyze others’ patents. Together we can limit your risk of potential patent infringement by finding alternative designs or licensing options.

The Process

Understand Your Space.

First, we review related patents and narrow in on what makes your invention different. Mike Downs’ technical background allows him to quickly understand complex products.

Apply for protection.

Next, we develop a patent claim strategy, drawings, and written description of your invention focused on securing the best possible protection. After submitting the application to the relevant patent offices, we advise you throughout the examination process, which can take 12-36 months.

Adjust when necessary.

As regulations change and your business evolves, we can advise you on beneficial ways to modify your product and patent strategy and maximize your protection.


We protect inventions across diverse industries, with an emphasis on high-tech businesses.

Looking Forward

After your invention is protected, we can provide legal advice on your next steps. Our firm is capable of meeting your intellectual property law needs, from licensing to trademarks and more.

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