Strategic Counsel

Get comprehensive IP advice.

How We Help

Our firm will work with you to customize a plan that meets your intellectual property needs.

01) Evaluate intellectual property.

Analyze your current IP assets.

Research current business and tech landscape.

Identify what’s protectable.

02) Develop a strategic plan.

Prioritize IP assets based on commercial and latent value.

Determine the best methods to protect your work.

Identify IP that you should license or buy.

03) Protect your ideas.

Draft and apply for patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

Work with IP offices worldwide to achieve the broadest possible protection.

04) Manage your portfolio.

Monitor infringement.

Keep up-to-date on worldwide IP regulations.

Advise on strategy adjustments.

Screen marketing materials and product development.

05) Monetize your IP assets.

Advise on sales, licensing, and mergers.

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