Protect what sets you apart.

Our Service Difference

Better Business Results

Managing an IP portfolio can get increasingly complicated as your business grows. Plus, changes in the business landscape can impact your protection. We proactively manage your portfolio and monitor infringement to keep your brand safe.

Smoother Enforcement

Without a solid strategy, you can run into enforcement issues. Some companies are unaware of what’s protectable and neglect safeguarding important brand assets. We make sure the right things are protected so competitors can’t exploit your brand identity.

The Process

Identify protectable assets.

We’ll review other businesses in your sector and identify designs, names, and any other relevant assets that you can legally protect as marks.

Apply for protection.

Next, we register your assets with the relevant trademark offices. After your application is filed, it can typically take 9-36 months, depending on the jurisdiction, to achieve the desired protection.

Manage your assets.

As regulations change and your business evolves, we can help you monitor infringement and register any new intellectual property assets.

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